Samuel Doidge Brent

Samuel Doidge Brent 1863-1937 Postmaster and my great grandfather I have a tradition of naming snails after my great grandparents.  My two pet Giant African Land Snails were Percy and Phoebe, after Percy and Phoebe Beale, my dad's mum's parents.  Meanwhile, the furry toy snail that accompanies me to parkruns is called Samuel, not just … Continue reading Samuel Doidge Brent

Am I a True Brent?

George Brent 1831-1898 Miner of St Dominick, Cornwall, and my 2nd great grandfather... or possibly not... The main reason I started tracing my family tree was because I knew next to nothing about my father's family.  He died when I was seven, and I had very little contact with the only living relatives on his … Continue reading Am I a True Brent?